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Hi there!!! [19 Jun 2007|02:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]


I'm back for the moment! It almost took 9 months that I've not been on here!
Well,I'm searching out for the moment how I can chance my lay-out.I want to remove the pic of Billy but I can't find it somewhere. Does somebody know?

Well I actually haven't much to say 'cause everything is still going like before :)..
I'm still going to horse back riding every weekend,and this friday I'll take a lesson for me alone and I hope I may do jumping:D ..  Tapdance stopped previous week so that will start back again in September:) but OMG,next year will be on stage!! Waaah,I'm scared! :P

And like always,my friend is still comming every weekend,from thursday 'till sunday.;)Yes we're still togheter.. about 1 year and 3 months already! I really love that guy <3 :)

I've got exams now.. 3 yet.. I actually have to learn but it's so warm over here that I don't mind it and don't want to learn :P

But ok,I think I better can begin..
Bye Xx..

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SHOKKING NEWS!! [25 Oct 2006|02:12pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

OMG! My aunt send me a mail and told us that her husband,my Scottish ex-uncle was a good friend to Billy's dad,They spend schooltime toghetter in the same class!!! And he always called him Boydie.I had tears in my eyes when I read the mail.

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Just a short post about this and that.. [28 Aug 2006|11:49am]
[ mood | calm ]

First of all I want to say..

Happy B-day Billy!!! (may all your wishes come true)

Haha.I had to cook with Chris saturday and it tasted very well :D It's 'cause my parents we're a bit mad at me 'cause I had never cooked home before so now we had to make dinner for them :) 

It's almost school again,weeeh :( I'll be happy to see my friends back but that's it.

Well and actually for for not comming here that much anymore I don't know what to say.Can't think of something for the moment so that'll be it :P

Bye folks! Have a nice day on this special one!

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Just a post.. [07 Aug 2006|11:12am]
[ mood | calm ]


I'm just posting a post again.I am not that much on anymore and certainly now that I'm doing a job as student.I've got to work a week yet.I started on Juli 14th.And it's kinda hard work.. pile up empties and stuff like beer and sort vegetable boxes.not really boxes but I don't know the word for it.They're from plastic so it can hurt you too.My body is full of blue spots.I'm looking like a Dalmatian O.o I'm really sick of it and hope this week will go fast so I actually could have 3 weeks vacation yet.Yuk and then back to school.It's already in my mind,.. I know,I musn't think about it but I can't.I'm always looking forward to what's going to happen.But okay..I'll probably be paid 972€.It is much but I'm actually not happy with it.I think it's to few for the work that I'm doing.

With that money I'll probably buy some Scottish stuffs :P Like a kilt,(mini)if I'll find one.Chris might go to the shop and ask about it.I also want to buy a sporran and maybe a balmoral :D I think it's so cute.And maybe a new mobile.Chris buyed a new one this weekend and I'm kinda jalous on it :D My parents don't agree with it 'cause the mobile I've got now is working perfect but it's just.. It's such a boring one :P So I'll wait and see..

Bye Xx..

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OACD and other stuff.. [20 Jun 2006|02:08pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

After a long time ago I took a look back at the site of the Belgian cinema's and guess what!
First they said OACD would come out in August but they moved it back again and it will be here on 5 juli! YAY.I'm happy after such a long time waiting for it.

Now I have to be carefull 'cause my boyfriend mayn't know this.It's because of you know..Billy in this pink knickers and stuff! I am not taking him with me! cause then I would feel ashamed.Haha! :D

Well,I hope I could go with a friend of me.

Chris also told me his mum had a surprise for us about 2 weeks.I was so f*cking freaked that I'm thinking we maybe could go a day of to Scotland! I hope so bad it is!But naah.. I don't think it would be,still I'm so nerveous.I'll wait and see..

Have a nice day and good luck for those who have exams yet..
Sofie Xx..

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Just some few things.. [31 May 2006|12:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hi,it took a lil' that I updated my LJ.I'm not updating that much what you probably already saw but I'd prefer to read others their LJ and stuff.

what happend last time?..

well,I fell of my horse 2 weeks ago.He's very young yet and he was kinda wild and when I had to do gallop he started jumping and he held he's neck between he's legs so I fell off.I'm still feeling a bit of pain.It's the first time that I felt real pain of it but I'm quiet okay.I just had pain at my back and stuff.

Today I'm going to buy those Replay ballerina shoes!I think i'll take the black ones.I really love those shoes so I hope it'll be afternoon soon.

Friday a friend of me is giving a B-day party.I hope I could go over there with Chris and it will be late at night.Yay:P and Sunday my granddad is giving he's B-day too.We're going to eat at a restaurant and stuff.So that would be a cheery weekend and next weekend it's open day at studio 100 where I'm tapdancing so I'm going to give my own lil' show with the group.I think I'll be quiet nerveous 'cause Chris also is comming and maybe a few friends.I've got to wear a bowler(hat),maybe a smoking and maybe they'll paint a moustache on me,haha.I think I'll enjoy it.

ETA: I did not found the shoes :( So I'll probably going to shop again on saturday.

I hope you all have a nice day!
Sofie Xx

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Just a lil' post.. [05 May 2006|04:36pm]
[ mood | It's warm over here! :P :S ]

Weeee!I went to 'Celtic Tiger' yesterday,you know,the show with Micheal Flatley.It's so f*cking amazing!I wished I could see it back again but I'm sure I'll buy the DVD & the Cd when they come out 'cause both show and music are sooo beautifull.
As always Micheal showed us a story with he's show.It was about history.. from Roman people to Vikings.And then the war between the Irish people and stuff.We all saw that in act one.
In act two we we're going to America so he showed us a lil' bit Fred Astair and he also played a mafia..raauw,haha.there was also a lil' bit ballet and even breakdanceO_o haha.It really was so cool.I'm so excited about the DVD but afcourse it wouldn't be as when I saw it yesterday live and OH!..
There was also one lil' act that really scared me out.It was quite funny at the beginning 'cause there was a boy comming on stage in a soccercostume and he was just playing with he's ball and I was like..wth is he doing on stage?O_o'till.. you saw on screen a tank.It was comming our way and he stopped and then... he just shooted!But wtfh I really was scared then just because of the noice and because it was so loudly through the whole hall but I'm still living,hehe:P

Tommorow Chris is comming,as always and at the evening we're going to have dinner at my sisters home.Most of all it's boring over there but Chris told me to take a party game with us.And sunday it's horsebackriding! Weee.Oh man,I really love that.

I hope you're all going to have a nice and probably warm weekend 'cause it's freaking hot over here!
Sofie Xx

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[23 Apr 2006|09:17am]
[ mood | A bit nervous :P ]

Hiya all,

It took a lil' time when I posted something but I hadn't to tell such special things..

Well,today I'm going to horsebackriding,like every sunday.And afcourse Chris is going with be because he's here every weekend!:D Probably I'm going to call a friend too for asking her to come with me to te riding school but it's to early yet for calling.Maybe she's sleeping yet :P hehe

So and finally next week,on saturday,I'm going to the 'Celtic Festival'. Yay! I really looked forward to that and we also have free on monday then,that's just great:).Then after that on thursday I'm going to see 'Celtic Tiger' with my mum!You know..the tapdance! :D It's going to be busy weeks then,haha..but I'm happy for it :) I'll probably post about it next week..

*HugS* and I hope you all have(had) a nice weekend! :)
Sofie Xx

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I'm back! [01 Apr 2006|12:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hi everybody.I'm back at home from Normandie!

I'm so happy for being back.Not that all stuff was bored(well,most of them we're actually) but I'd prefer to be home :) Well,I actually haven't to tell that much. But their was something cool:P.

When we where at 'Mont Saint-Michel' there we're lots of stuff from LotR,.. like 6 stores or somethingO_o Gosh! There we're swords,cards,lil' statues and many other things.I buyed 'the one Ring'! with a necklace.Hehe it's nice :)

Another thing I liked was 'étretat'. It's so beautiful.I took many pics of it and I enjoyed watching the waves from the sea.They we're much higher then here,hehe.Here are pics of it.


We also saw many things from the World War 2. Like Ohama Beach,the Normandy American Cemetry what gave me a really kick inside because of all this brave men who fighted for their country.

There was also D-day and stuff.It was really interesting.

Well,like I said before I don't really want to tell that much.I'm not in the mood for that now.And in a few hours my hunny is comming over here.Yay! We really missed eachother :) hehe.

Well,I hope you all have a nice day.
Kisses & Hugs
Sofie Xx

ETAT:I tried to uplaod my pics again

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Busy week.. [21 Mar 2006|10:41am]
[ mood | excited ]

It's a kinda busy week 'cause first of all I've got exams,Yuk! I really can't concentrate 'cause I'm thinking the whole time of my boyfriend and yes,he came over here sunday and maybe today he'll come back :) And...he had is kilt on and we took pictures! :D It's so damn sexy :PHaha.It all went good between him and my parents and stuff.I self was really quiet and shy,haha.And saturday we're going to a yearly show of gymnastics where I did my gymnastics when I was younger.Chris told me he had a surprise for me.Yay!So I'm exited now :P

Then tuesday,next week I'll not be able for 4 days 'cause I'm going to Normandie(France) with my school :) I think it's going to be beautiful but I'll miss my parents and Chris afcourse :( But nah.It'll all be alright :) And after it it's 2 week vacations!!YAY! I'm looking forward to it..

I hope you all have nice days :)
Xx Sofie  *HugS*

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In love.. [12 Mar 2006|01:42pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Okay! I just want to say that Chris,that half Scottish guy and I chatted all night long yesterday.I told him that I had feelings for him and guess what?! He also have feelings for me,wee!He's happy to have someone who'd like to talk about the same interesses and that's Scotland afcourse :-)

And this week he'll get he's kilt and take some pictures.Yay! *drool* haha

Well,about Billy.. I think this is an end but still I think it's not THE end.I'm not that dissapionted now 'cause maybe once I'll fall in love again with him but now I hope I'll be happy with Chris :) i've got to thank Billy even if he don't know,but without him I wouldn't loved Scotland and didn't had this relationship with Chris.

Well,have a nice day yet!
Xx Sofie

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Horsebackriding.. [11 Mar 2006|04:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today I went to the riding school we're I ride before and my favorite horse is still there :D I'm probably going to ride back there in a few weeks,wee!I also buyed my chaps and stuff,only my pants are to big *oops* But I buyed them somewhere we're you couldn't try them so.. we have to go back and buy another one yet and then I can call the people from the school to sign me up for a lesson :D Me happy! :D It took 3 years ago that I ride on a horse only once again in the vacation.I really missed it.But I don't want to take lessons anymore to learn new things,maybe a few but that's it.I just want to ride for my pleasure.I love that :)

This is me when I was 12 years old,with my favorite horsie called Tinker :D

Eta:Ooh gosh! I saw that guy again on the webcam.That half Scot about who I talked and now I think back again he's cute!Damn.My mind is messed:D

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gosh O_o [08 Mar 2006|12:48pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I think I've got a problem,well not really a negative one but neiter that possitive.

I was on a site of a Scottish store and I wrote something at the guestbook.A few days later I get a mail from someone who's a friend of the owner of the store.I added him in my Msn and God damn,he's a half blood Scot! And he really looks like Billy! I think he's so cute and I maybe want to have a lil' date with him *blushes* He already asked me to go together once at a Scottish evenement here and he likes me. :) 

Well,my problem is now that I'm those freaky fangirl and I don't want to forget Billy! I don't want to stop loving him though,all I want is just a dream and now that I've got the chance to be a friend,maybe girlfriend from this guy who is looking like Billy I better take this chance!.I really don't know what to think.It's difficult for me and I don't know if i'll love him one day..*blushes*

But!..friday it's RotK on Tv so i'll be freaking again about Bill.Gosh i'm really that silly freaked!

I hope you all have a nice day.
Sofie Xx..
ETA:Okay,it's already over.I saw that guy on the webcam and he is really ugly!He has really long hair now and yuk..I don't want to think about him anymore!HAHA

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What's going on today?O_o [07 Mar 2006|06:50pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Argh,this day is really shit!

Firstly,I'm sick.I throwed up last night because I'm stressed and I've got this at least every month! I hate it.It hurts so much:( so today I stressed the whole day because I had a talk and exams for music.It  really isn't normal.I still have stomach-ache now.My throat was irritant so I couldn't drink! .. okee,I'm not such a drinker.I sometimes takes 2 gulps a day! I really guess I need a doctor!

Then the second thing that made my angry is that I read on a site that OACD will be expected here(in Belgium)in Juin or August! Wth! They just moved it like that! What a shame.Now I've got to wait that long yet ! *weeps*

I hope you all had a nice day!
Sofie Xx..

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Busy vacation.. [02 Mar 2006|01:11pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Okay,let me see how my vacation is going..

Like I said before my friend slept here with me and we watched a lot of movies like Braveheart en Fotr afcourse :P My neck was all stiff from watching Tv or pc the whole time.We also saw  'Riverdance' and I learned her a few taps and a lil' dance and stuff.I told her to wear my shoes once and she did,haha.It was so funny.Then I drawed a horse for her but it's stil lying here on my desk 'cause she forgot it,haha.Well okay.

Today my sister is comming with my cousins which is going to be fun,like always..Well but maybe the conversations wouldn't be that fun 'cause she had a great fight with her boyfriend sunday and now they are going to separate.But nah,we'll try to not think of that.

Then tomorrow another friend of me is going to sleep here and probably we'll rent a movie or something.And saturday my sis is comming again and would sleep here also.We're going to watch 'The Polar express' and 'Braveheart' again.Yay it's really busy in here.The most busy vacation I ever had!Haha.

And for the rest of it I'll spend time here with my lovely computer as always.. haha.But yuk.I also have to do homework yet.I really hate it and I don't get it.Teatchers are always telling us you have to relax when it's vacation so you can be fit again to start with school but how can we if we have a ton of homework?Grr,I really hate that!

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Vaarwel m'n vriend.. [25 Feb 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | Gedachten zitten in de knoop.. ]


Gisteren heb ik niet echt het leukste meegemaakt.Ik had me nog nooit zo gekwetst gevoeld.Ik ben namelijk 1 van m'n goede vriendinnen kwijt.Ik wist niet zo goed meer wat ik ven de situatie moest denken 'over die leugens' maar ze wil me niet meer kennen.Ik zal haar missen en wil haar vertellen wat ze betekend voor me,maar het is haar keuze.Zij moet maar afkomen.Wat gebeurd is wil ik vergeten.. m'n gedachten eens goed verzetten want ik voel me niet meer al te best.Ik voelde me echt niet meer veilig.Ik hoop dat ze me ooit kan vergeven want echt in fout gegaan,ben ik niet.. 

Maar oké,laten we nu de leuke kant van de vakantie eens bekijken..
Maandag komt m'n beste friendje en ze blijft dan slapen ^^.Ze is al eens een paar keer meegeweest naar mijn tapdanslessen en ze kreeg de kriebels dus nu moet ik het haar leren,haha.Dus ga ik haar al eens een dansje leren :P dan gaan we waarschijnlijk ook nog de video bekijken van 'Riverdance' en s'avonds gaan we FotR zien. :) 

Dan is er nog iemand die blijft slapen maar dat moet ik nog wat regelen en wat we gaan doen weet ik nog niet goed.Ze vroeg me vandaag om te gaan mini-golven en als het niet regent kunnen we misschien wel gaan :) Misschien kunnen we ook nog een film huren ofzo.

En dan moet ik nog al dat rotwerk doen voor school!! Bah..
Maar daar denk ik nu liever nog niet aan :)

Hopelijk heeft iedereen een leuke vakantie
*Dikke Knufs en KuSsjs*
Sofie Xx

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School-project.. [15 Feb 2006|03:23pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hi everyone, 

I'm a lil' bit excited because of a project we'll have at school.If you ppl don't know yet I'm studying maintenance(for kids and elderly persons)and we're having a project about it.We already had to make about 175 or 200 invitations! I really hated that but okay,that's done now.

So, .. next week on tuesday we all have to dress up as baby's!! HAHAHA.
It's going to be funny but ooh so cute.I'm going to buy a frump yet in a few hours.I'll also take my teddybear with me,put up 2 ponytails in my hair,make some freckles on my cheeks and afcourse we all have to wear a diper!! HAHAHA Not a real one afcourse but I'll use sheets probably. Hahaha.

We're going with the kids of our pre-school to a home for the elderly so we have to walk on street afcourse .. in those clothes!! It'll be a sort of parade with accompaniment of the police. Haha quite fun actually.

Then we also have to sing songs for the kids,give them food and take care for them.I think I'll really enjoy.
Hopefully it wouldn't be a rainy day then.

Hope you're all having a nice day !!
Sofie Xx

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[10 Feb 2006|05:54pm]
[ mood | yay,weekend! ]


The talk I had about Billy was very well they told me but I was really nerveous inside.I couldn't sit on my chair without moving anymore.haha,the teacher told us to put a lil' pic of your idol on a paper so she could see it back later but we also had to take a big one with us for showing it in the class,so when I was done I wanted to go back to my place but she called me back and took the pic!I was kinda acting.. I made a sad face and was like: wee:( She's taking him away from me,now I've got to miss him. Haha.But I actually liked it.I wished I could do the talk back again.hehe

Oh,and..I also reserved tickets for 'Celtic Tiger' a few minutes ago.Micheal Flatley is comming with he's group over here at the 'sportpaleis in Antwerp'! YAY "Show me some Irish dance mate!" haha.I'd really enjoy :) The other members where I'm teaching tapdace are going to see it as well so that's quite nice but I'm going with my lovely mum :)I'm really looking forward to it but I've got to wait a few months yet.It's the 1st of May that i'm going.Weee!

And a thingy that made me sad today is that I lost all my stuff on pc :( There we're about 400 pics of Billy and now they're all gone :'( Waaah! But luckely I've got some ppls like you.Miranda would send me the clip of Sniper 470 so,thanks sweety ;-)

Edit:Taggart will start back in a week on the Netherlands! YAY..Me happy!

~Have a nice weekend~
Sofie Xx

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Update and stuff.. [02 Feb 2006|05:10pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Weee,I'll have to do a talk about Billy in school next week.I think I'm going to be nerveous,like usual but I'll love it^^ This is the first time that I'm doing such things.Mostly it's bored and stuff but now it's about your idol so YAY! And one of our next themes would be movies so maybe I have to do one too about Lotr! That would be so much fun!

Then my friend is coming over tonight and will watch me tapdancing,haha.. another thing where I will be nerveous with.HAHA,I really am so nerveous but okay..

And also!!..

There's an update on Billyboyd.net about OACD!!



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My dream [28 Jan 2006|10:46am]
[ mood | happy,silly hahaha ]

Gosh,I had such a strange dream about Billy but still it was lovely! ^^

I was walking with my friend on the sets and I was looking for Bill.The set was actually a mess,it was like it was on a farm or something,haha. So I was searching him and I said to my friend:"Imagine that he's just standing before me while I'm looking for him now while I don't notice him".. and it was! He was standing before me.So a smile became on my face and I pushed him on his shoulder so he turned around and I hugged him! Really long.. and then he want to release me but I didn't :-D I still hold fast so he was hugging me back and then I gave him a kiss!even a lil' one on his mouth!! :-$(YAY) but then it becamed to be strange.. Their we're other ppl of my class and Billy saw someone that he knewed.The girl of my class looked angry at him and Billy started to cry softly so I was wondering what was going on..He said that he had a lil girl(wtf?! hahaha) and that she was spending her time in sort gangs of youths and that she had a fight with a lil' boy so Billy becamed angry and killed him (Omg,I don't know why I dreamed that!) so I becamed sad and I hugged him AGAIN,hahah but then by his backside.   And that was my dream! Really strange but I enjoyed the hugs! Hahaha.

Enjoy your weekend Xx Sofie..

And also a Happy B-day to Elijah!!
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