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The talk I had about Billy was very well they told me but I was really nerveous inside.I couldn't sit on my chair without moving anymore.haha,the teacher told us to put a lil' pic of your idol on a paper so she could see it back later but we also had to take a big one with us for showing it in the class,so when I was done I wanted to go back to my place but she called me back and took the pic!I was kinda acting.. I made a sad face and was like: wee:( She's taking him away from me,now I've got to miss him. Haha.But I actually liked it.I wished I could do the talk back again.hehe

Oh,and..I also reserved tickets for 'Celtic Tiger' a few minutes ago.Micheal Flatley is comming with he's group over here at the 'sportpaleis in Antwerp'! YAY "Show me some Irish dance mate!" haha.I'd really enjoy :) The other members where I'm teaching tapdace are going to see it as well so that's quite nice but I'm going with my lovely mum :)I'm really looking forward to it but I've got to wait a few months yet.It's the 1st of May that i'm going.Weee!

And a thingy that made me sad today is that I lost all my stuff on pc :( There we're about 400 pics of Billy and now they're all gone :'( Waaah! But luckely I've got some ppls like you.Miranda would send me the clip of Sniper 470 so,thanks sweety ;-)

Edit:Taggart will start back in a week on the Netherlands! YAY..Me happy!

~Have a nice weekend~
Sofie Xx
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