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Hi everyone, 

I'm a lil' bit excited because of a project we'll have at school.If you ppl don't know yet I'm studying maintenance(for kids and elderly persons)and we're having a project about it.We already had to make about 175 or 200 invitations! I really hated that but okay,that's done now.

So, .. next week on tuesday we all have to dress up as baby's!! HAHAHA.
It's going to be funny but ooh so cute.I'm going to buy a frump yet in a few hours.I'll also take my teddybear with me,put up 2 ponytails in my hair,make some freckles on my cheeks and afcourse we all have to wear a diper!! HAHAHA Not a real one afcourse but I'll use sheets probably. Hahaha.

We're going with the kids of our pre-school to a home for the elderly so we have to walk on street afcourse .. in those clothes!! It'll be a sort of parade with accompaniment of the police. Haha quite fun actually.

Then we also have to sing songs for the kids,give them food and take care for them.I think I'll really enjoy.
Hopefully it wouldn't be a rainy day then.

Hope you're all having a nice day !!
Sofie Xx
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