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Busy vacation..

Okay,let me see how my vacation is going..

Like I said before my friend slept here with me and we watched a lot of movies like Braveheart en Fotr afcourse :P My neck was all stiff from watching Tv or pc the whole time.We also saw  'Riverdance' and I learned her a few taps and a lil' dance and stuff.I told her to wear my shoes once and she did,haha.It was so funny.Then I drawed a horse for her but it's stil lying here on my desk 'cause she forgot it,haha.Well okay.

Today my sister is comming with my cousins which is going to be fun,like always..Well but maybe the conversations wouldn't be that fun 'cause she had a great fight with her boyfriend sunday and now they are going to separate.But nah,we'll try to not think of that.

Then tomorrow another friend of me is going to sleep here and probably we'll rent a movie or something.And saturday my sis is comming again and would sleep here also.We're going to watch 'The Polar express' and 'Braveheart' again.Yay it's really busy in here.The most busy vacation I ever had!Haha.

And for the rest of it I'll spend time here with my lovely computer as always.. haha.But yuk.I also have to do homework yet.I really hate it and I don't get it.Teatchers are always telling us you have to relax when it's vacation so you can be fit again to start with school but how can we if we have a ton of homework?Grr,I really hate that!
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