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What's going on today?O_o

Argh,this day is really shit!

Firstly,I'm sick.I throwed up last night because I'm stressed and I've got this at least every month! I hate it.It hurts so much:( so today I stressed the whole day because I had a talk and exams for music.It  really isn't normal.I still have stomach-ache now.My throat was irritant so I couldn't drink! .. okee,I'm not such a drinker.I sometimes takes 2 gulps a day! I really guess I need a doctor!

Then the second thing that made my angry is that I read on a site that OACD will be expected here(in Belgium)in Juin or August! Wth! They just moved it like that! What a shame.Now I've got to wait that long yet ! *weeps*

I hope you all had a nice day!
Sofie Xx..
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