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gosh O_o

I think I've got a problem,well not really a negative one but neiter that possitive.

I was on a site of a Scottish store and I wrote something at the guestbook.A few days later I get a mail from someone who's a friend of the owner of the store.I added him in my Msn and God damn,he's a half blood Scot! And he really looks like Billy! I think he's so cute and I maybe want to have a lil' date with him *blushes* He already asked me to go together once at a Scottish evenement here and he likes me. :) 

Well,my problem is now that I'm those freaky fangirl and I don't want to forget Billy! I don't want to stop loving him though,all I want is just a dream and now that I've got the chance to be a friend,maybe girlfriend from this guy who is looking like Billy I better take this chance!.I really don't know what to think.It's difficult for me and I don't know if i'll love him one day..*blushes*

But!..friday it's RotK on Tv so i'll be freaking again about Bill.Gosh i'm really that silly freaked!

I hope you all have a nice day.
Sofie Xx..
ETA:Okay,it's already over.I saw that guy on the webcam and he is really ugly!He has really long hair now and yuk..I don't want to think about him anymore!HAHA
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