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Today I went to the riding school we're I ride before and my favorite horse is still there :D I'm probably going to ride back there in a few weeks,wee!I also buyed my chaps and stuff,only my pants are to big *oops* But I buyed them somewhere we're you couldn't try them so.. we have to go back and buy another one yet and then I can call the people from the school to sign me up for a lesson :D Me happy! :D It took 3 years ago that I ride on a horse only once again in the vacation.I really missed it.But I don't want to take lessons anymore to learn new things,maybe a few but that's it.I just want to ride for my pleasure.I love that :)

This is me when I was 12 years old,with my favorite horsie called Tinker :D

Eta:Ooh gosh! I saw that guy again on the webcam.That half Scot about who I talked and now I think back again he's cute!Damn.My mind is messed:D

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