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In love..

Okay! I just want to say that Chris,that half Scottish guy and I chatted all night long yesterday.I told him that I had feelings for him and guess what?! He also have feelings for me,wee!He's happy to have someone who'd like to talk about the same interesses and that's Scotland afcourse :-)

And this week he'll get he's kilt and take some pictures.Yay! *drool* haha

Well,about Billy.. I think this is an end but still I think it's not THE end.I'm not that dissapionted now 'cause maybe once I'll fall in love again with him but now I hope I'll be happy with Chris :) i've got to thank Billy even if he don't know,but without him I wouldn't loved Scotland and didn't had this relationship with Chris.

Well,have a nice day yet!
Xx Sofie
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