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Busy week..

It's a kinda busy week 'cause first of all I've got exams,Yuk! I really can't concentrate 'cause I'm thinking the whole time of my boyfriend and yes,he came over here sunday and maybe today he'll come back :) And...he had is kilt on and we took pictures! :D It's so damn sexy :PHaha.It all went good between him and my parents and stuff.I self was really quiet and shy,haha.And saturday we're going to a yearly show of gymnastics where I did my gymnastics when I was younger.Chris told me he had a surprise for me.Yay!So I'm exited now :P

Then tuesday,next week I'll not be able for 4 days 'cause I'm going to Normandie(France) with my school :) I think it's going to be beautiful but I'll miss my parents and Chris afcourse :( But nah.It'll all be alright :) And after it it's 2 week vacations!!YAY! I'm looking forward to it..

I hope you all have nice days :)
Xx Sofie  *HugS*
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