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I'm back!

Hi everybody.I'm back at home from Normandie!

I'm so happy for being back.Not that all stuff was bored(well,most of them we're actually) but I'd prefer to be home :) Well,I actually haven't to tell that much. But their was something cool:P.

When we where at 'Mont Saint-Michel' there we're lots of stuff from LotR,.. like 6 stores or somethingO_o Gosh! There we're swords,cards,lil' statues and many other things.I buyed 'the one Ring'! with a necklace.Hehe it's nice :)

Another thing I liked was 'étretat'. It's so beautiful.I took many pics of it and I enjoyed watching the waves from the sea.They we're much higher then here,hehe.Here are pics of it.

We also saw many things from the World War 2. Like Ohama Beach,the Normandy American Cemetry what gave me a really kick inside because of all this brave men who fighted for their country.
There was also D-day and stuff.It was really interesting.

Well,like I said before I don't really want to tell that much.I'm not in the mood for that now.And in a few hours my hunny is comming over here.Yay! We really missed eachother :) hehe.

Well,I hope you all have a nice day.
Kisses & Hugs
Sofie Xx

ETAT:I tried to uplaod my pics again
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