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Hiya all,

It took a lil' time when I posted something but I hadn't to tell such special things..

Well,today I'm going to horsebackriding,like every sunday.And afcourse Chris is going with be because he's here every weekend!:D Probably I'm going to call a friend too for asking her to come with me to te riding school but it's to early yet for calling.Maybe she's sleeping yet :P hehe

So and finally next week,on saturday,I'm going to the 'Celtic Festival'. Yay! I really looked forward to that and we also have free on monday then,that's just great:).Then after that on thursday I'm going to see 'Celtic Tiger' with my mum!You know..the tapdance! :D It's going to be busy weeks then,haha..but I'm happy for it :) I'll probably post about it next week..

*HugS* and I hope you all have(had) a nice weekend! :)
Sofie Xx

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