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Just a lil' post..

Weeee!I went to 'Celtic Tiger' yesterday,you know,the show with Micheal Flatley.It's so f*cking amazing!I wished I could see it back again but I'm sure I'll buy the DVD & the Cd when they come out 'cause both show and music are sooo beautifull.
As always Micheal showed us a story with he's show.It was about history.. from Roman people to Vikings.And then the war between the Irish people and stuff.We all saw that in act one.
In act two we we're going to America so he showed us a lil' bit Fred Astair and he also played a mafia..raauw,haha.there was also a lil' bit ballet and even breakdanceO_o haha.It really was so cool.I'm so excited about the DVD but afcourse it wouldn't be as when I saw it yesterday live and OH!..
There was also one lil' act that really scared me out.It was quite funny at the beginning 'cause there was a boy comming on stage in a soccercostume and he was just playing with he's ball and I was like..wth is he doing on stage?O_o'till.. you saw on screen a tank.It was comming our way and he stopped and then... he just shooted!But wtfh I really was scared then just because of the noice and because it was so loudly through the whole hall but I'm still living,hehe:P

Tommorow Chris is comming,as always and at the evening we're going to have dinner at my sisters home.Most of all it's boring over there but Chris told me to take a party game with us.And sunday it's horsebackriding! Weee.Oh man,I really love that.

I hope you're all going to have a nice and probably warm weekend 'cause it's freaking hot over here!
Sofie Xx

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