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Just some few things..

Hi,it took a lil' that I updated my LJ.I'm not updating that much what you probably already saw but I'd prefer to read others their LJ and stuff.

what happend last time?..

well,I fell of my horse 2 weeks ago.He's very young yet and he was kinda wild and when I had to do gallop he started jumping and he held he's neck between he's legs so I fell off.I'm still feeling a bit of pain.It's the first time that I felt real pain of it but I'm quiet okay.I just had pain at my back and stuff.

Today I'm going to buy those Replay ballerina shoes!I think i'll take the black ones.I really love those shoes so I hope it'll be afternoon soon.

Friday a friend of me is giving a B-day party.I hope I could go over there with Chris and it will be late at night.Yay:P and Sunday my granddad is giving he's B-day too.We're going to eat at a restaurant and stuff.So that would be a cheery weekend and next weekend it's open day at studio 100 where I'm tapdancing so I'm going to give my own lil' show with the group.I think I'll be quiet nerveous 'cause Chris also is comming and maybe a few friends.I've got to wear a bowler(hat),maybe a smoking and maybe they'll paint a moustache on me,haha.I think I'll enjoy it.

ETA: I did not found the shoes :( So I'll probably going to shop again on saturday.

I hope you all have a nice day!
Sofie Xx
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