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OACD and other stuff..

After a long time ago I took a look back at the site of the Belgian cinema's and guess what!
First they said OACD would come out in August but they moved it back again and it will be here on 5 juli! YAY.I'm happy after such a long time waiting for it.

Now I have to be carefull 'cause my boyfriend mayn't know this.It's because of you know..Billy in this pink knickers and stuff! I am not taking him with me! cause then I would feel ashamed.Haha! :D

Well,I hope I could go with a friend of me.

Chris also told me his mum had a surprise for us about 2 weeks.I was so f*cking freaked that I'm thinking we maybe could go a day of to Scotland! I hope so bad it is!But naah.. I don't think it would be,still I'm so nerveous.I'll wait and see..

Have a nice day and good luck for those who have exams yet..
Sofie Xx..
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