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Just a post..


I'm just posting a post again.I am not that much on anymore and certainly now that I'm doing a job as student.I've got to work a week yet.I started on Juli 14th.And it's kinda hard work.. pile up empties and stuff like beer and sort vegetable boxes.not really boxes but I don't know the word for it.They're from plastic so it can hurt you too.My body is full of blue spots.I'm looking like a Dalmatian O.o I'm really sick of it and hope this week will go fast so I actually could have 3 weeks vacation yet.Yuk and then back to school.It's already in my mind,.. I know,I musn't think about it but I can't.I'm always looking forward to what's going to happen.But okay..I'll probably be paid 972€.It is much but I'm actually not happy with it.I think it's to few for the work that I'm doing.

With that money I'll probably buy some Scottish stuffs :P Like a kilt,(mini)if I'll find one.Chris might go to the shop and ask about it.I also want to buy a sporran and maybe a balmoral :D I think it's so cute.And maybe a new mobile.Chris buyed a new one this weekend and I'm kinda jalous on it :D My parents don't agree with it 'cause the mobile I've got now is working perfect but it's just.. It's such a boring one :P So I'll wait and see..

Bye Xx..
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