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Hi there!!!


I'm back for the moment! It almost took 9 months that I've not been on here!
Well,I'm searching out for the moment how I can chance my lay-out.I want to remove the pic of Billy but I can't find it somewhere. Does somebody know?

Well I actually haven't much to say 'cause everything is still going like before :)..
I'm still going to horse back riding every weekend,and this friday I'll take a lesson for me alone and I hope I may do jumping:D ..  Tapdance stopped previous week so that will start back again in September:) but OMG,next year will be on stage!! Waaah,I'm scared! :P

And like always,my friend is still comming every weekend,from thursday 'till sunday.;)Yes we're still togheter.. about 1 year and 3 months already! I really love that guy <3 :)

I've got exams now.. 3 yet.. I actually have to learn but it's so warm over here that I don't mind it and don't want to learn :P

But ok,I think I better can begin..
Bye Xx..
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