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My dream

Gosh,I had such a strange dream about Billy but still it was lovely! ^^

I was walking with my friend on the sets and I was looking for Bill.The set was actually a mess,it was like it was on a farm or something,haha. So I was searching him and I said to my friend:"Imagine that he's just standing before me while I'm looking for him now while I don't notice him".. and it was! He was standing before me.So a smile became on my face and I pushed him on his shoulder so he turned around and I hugged him! Really long.. and then he want to release me but I didn't :-D I still hold fast so he was hugging me back and then I gave him a kiss!even a lil' one on his mouth!! :-$(YAY) but then it becamed to be strange.. Their we're other ppl of my class and Billy saw someone that he knewed.The girl of my class looked angry at him and Billy started to cry softly so I was wondering what was going on..He said that he had a lil girl(wtf?! hahaha) and that she was spending her time in sort gangs of youths and that she had a fight with a lil' boy so Billy becamed angry and killed him (Omg,I don't know why I dreamed that!) so I becamed sad and I hugged him AGAIN,hahah but then by his backside.   And that was my dream! Really strange but I enjoyed the hugs! Hahaha.

Enjoy your weekend Xx Sofie..

And also a Happy B-day to Elijah!!
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